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Do you ever have those days when you seem to come up with every excuse not to workout, while other times you have the best intentions but you’re truly short on time? We totally get it. Which is why we recommend creating a workout schedule.

When you pencil in your exercise like any other meeting, it becomes real and a “must”. Although a schedule is a great first step in prioritizing exercise, there are a few other ways you can avoid missing your workouts. Check out our list below:

Get an early start —  Typically, lack of time in the morning can make it difficult to feel in control of your day. Be sure to pack a healthy lunch, plenty of water and a bag with gym clothes. Having an extra half hour to do your cardio, check emails and eat breakfast can make all the difference when it comes to your mindset.

Bring your four-legged friend — If you have a dog that likes to run then why not bring them with along with you. That way you get two tasks done at once.

Incorporate Circuit Training —  We love this style of training because it’s intense, fast and convenient. You can do a circuit almost anywhere — at home, at work, at the airport, in a hotel room or at the park.

Stay focused when you’re at the gym — You made it to the gym, but you don’t have a lot of time. So what should you do? We recommend weight training over cardio. Again, you could do a circuit-style work out using the machines with no rest in between. Keep reps at around 15 and complete at least 2 sets, depending on your time of course.
Tip: Many gyms have their machines set up in a circuit style, making this very easy to do without having to think about it.

HITT — High Intensity Interval Training is one of the newest crazes in exercise efficiency. Typically it’s done on a machine like a treadmill or step mill. In less than 20 minutes, you can blast fat and have an intense workout. We like to use the step mill and alternate one minute at level 5 and one minute at level 10-12. On the lower level minute, we like to take long strides (skipping steps) to work our glutes.

Get Outdoors — It’s a good idea to keep your running shoes handy and some gym clothes at all times. For example, running and/or brisk walking is a great cardio exercise that can be done almost anywhere.

Try Our 20-Minute Fat Blasting Workout
Equipment: skipping rope, dumbbells and/or resistance band 

Warm up:
Skip for 45 seconds or jog on the spot with high knees

Work out: 
30 mountain climbers

10-15 full push ups

30 alternating lunges

30 jumping jacks

15 Standing shoulder press (with band or dumbbells)

20 jump squats

15 bicep curls (with band or dumbbells)

Ab crunches on mat or ball

Rest 1-2 minutes and repeat 





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