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As a self-empowerment magazine for women, we provide a fresh perspective on fitness, fashion and beauty. Our mission is to inspire and encourage you to step into your power and become the best version of yourself by integrating both self-love and self-care practices into your daily life.

Our goal is to provide a credible, reliable resource that not only uplifts and empowers our readers, but also connects us to them through a mutual love of fitness, fashion and beauty.

Although we know that beauty stems from the inside, we also believe in taking good care of ourselves. When you eat well, exercise regularly — and on occasion — trade in your sweats for stilettos, you will have the energy, confidence, strength and stamina to accomplish so much more.

Our Mandate:
We dare to be different: We create content that’s inspiring, empowering and up lifting. Our goal is to break through the stereotypes and unrealistic ideals that leave us feeling powerless. Instead, we choose to use fitness, fashion and beauty to enhance our best features and improve our self-confidence.

Self-love is a true art: We believe “self-love” is a conscious daily effort that takes practice, consistency, hard work and dedication. Once you master this skill, your life will begin to transform. You will discover and align with your true purpose; attract the things you want with ease; learn to find joy in the mundane; no longer sweat the small stuff; improve your relationships with others and get beyond the barriers that hold you back from reaching your highest self.

Self-Care isn’t selfish: When you take care of “you” first, you are better able to serve others. Self-care is about eating healthy, engaging in daily exercise, getting enough sleep, practicing yoga, meditating, staying well-hydrated and embracing anything else that makes you feel beautiful, confident, powerful and uniquely you. Whether it’s spending the day at the spa, putting on a pair of high heels, wearing bright red lipstick or getting into downward dog, we say go for it! Do whatever it is that makes you feel like the goddess you were born to be.

We’re real people with real-life advice: We admit, we’re a little bit obsessed with tracking the latest fashion trends and trying out anything new like an organic juice cleanse or a ballet-inspired barre class. And we equally love when we discover a life-changing beauty treatment; a delicious recipe for a savoury gluten-free dessert or simply getting lost in a great book. Our goal is to provide you with advice that leaves you feeling empowered, inspired and totally zen.

We wear our journalism hats: To ensure our content is accurate, informative and timely, we conduct interviews with leading industry experts, cite the latest studies from scientific journals and share anecdotal stories from real-life women. From time to time, we may also give you some “sisterly advice” when it comes to must-have beauty products, our go-to shopping destinations, great reads and podcasts, the best meditation apps, workout tips, delicious recipes and more!

We are a sisterhood: In addition to providing interesting and newsworthy content, we strive to create a sense of community among our readers. We believe in fostering conversation around real-life issues as a way to support and empower one another to become the best version of ourselves.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy our online publication. If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Wishing you an abundance of health and happiness,

The D & H Editorial Team

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