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Are you curious about going low carb? Although there is some controversy around this type of diet, there are many people who swear by it as a tactic to lose weight. In this article, we tell you about the five shocking changes you’ll notice when you ditch carbs.

1. You won’t be hungry anymore

When you replace carbohydrates with more satiating foods (such as fats), you won’t be as hungry. Your blood sugar levels will stabilize, leaving you feeling full and satisfied after each meal. Although you can eat bacon, cheese and steak when going low-carb, it’s important to include a variety of protein dense foods, along with healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts and avocados.

2. Say goodbye to that sweet tooth

Do you crave sugar? Do you find it difficult to refuse candy, chocolate, cupcakes and ice cream? You definitely aren’t alone. However, we can assure you that once you eliminate refined sugar from your diet, your cravings will magically disappear. This will help you to lose weight with ease as excess sugar is one sure way to pack on extra pounds.
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3. Way less bloating

When you reduce carbs, your body will flush out excess water. Each gram of glycogen (carbohydrate) carries 3 g of water. Therefore, when you cut back on carbs, the initial weight loss will typically come from stored water. For this reason, experts say it’s important to add sea salt to your food and stay well-hydrated. But one of the most exciting perks is a flat tummy and reduced water retention.

4. You will lose weight and inches

When you cut the carbs, your body will turn to stored fat for fuel This means you will lose weight and inches. As long as you continue to workout and eat protein dense foods, you will retain lean muscle. So if the scale isn’t going down, check to see if there is a bit more room in your pants. This is an indicator that your body composition is moving in the right direction.

5. You will have more energy, better focus and mental clarity

This is a definite benefit of the low-carb lifestyle. At first, you may feel tired and foggy. However, once your body switches over to utilizing fat for energy instead of carbs, you should notice more energy and the ability to maintain better focus on tasks at hand.

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