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Are you ready for warmer temperatures, brighter colours and lighter fabrics?
Check out the Top Trends for Spring 2018:

The Fanny Pack is Back

We may be dating ourselves, but these were a super popular trend back in the 80s and 90s. They can be worn as an accessory slung over the shoulder or around the hips. The latest versions come in lux fabrics and materials, ranging from low-end to high-end options — we love Gucci’s design! Fanny Packs are growing in popularity and they were seen all over the runway for Spring 2018.

Designer Logos Are Big

Another blast from the past (specifically the early 90s) are bold designer logos, which can be found on everything from t-shirts to sweatshirts to jackets and suiting. For a more subtle display of this trend, we especially love Burberry’s iconic plaid print.

The Bare Shoulder Is Here To Stay

For Spring, many designers added an interesting twist. The asymmetrical lines will replace the off-the-shoulder fad that was seen in everything from high-end to low-end fashion this past year.

Denim Does Double Duty

I think we can all agree that “denim” isn’t going anywhere. But this year, we will see a trend toward head-to-toe monochromatic looks in darker shades of blue.

Anoraks As Functional and Fashionable

Who doesn’t love an Anorak to stay dry in the Spring, especially when they also make a fashion statement? This year, designers are pairing them with unexpected pieces such as dresses and skirts.

Flowy Florals Get Revamped
It’s no surprise that florals will be back this Spring. This year, the trend is toward light, flowy fabrics that have an edge in their design. Think plunging necklines, split hems and shorter hems.

The Fringe Effect

We’ve seen it before and it’s back! Designers are “in-fringing” upon everything from skirts, to dresses to tops.

Peek-A-Boo Sheer
As the temperatures warm up, we require less clothes. At least that’s what the designers believed on the runways during the spring launch. We are seeing a lot of light, sheer fabrics this year. However, this particular trend makes a very bold statement. So if you’re on the shy side, the good news is that you can show as much or as little skin based on what you wear underneath.

Rubber: A New Fabric

To be honest, we’re not too sure how this one will play out. But many designers experimented with “rubber’” (no joke) as their fabric of choice on this year’s Spring runway. We’re definitely curious about this one!

Dresses Paired With T-shirts
This year we will be seeing more risqué dresses (think silk fabrics and spaghetti straps) paired with t-shirts underneath to balance them out, add a bit of bulk and make them less formal or “bedroom-esque”.

Sorbet-Flavoured Fabrics
It’s not uncommon to see lighter and brighter colours during the warmer months of the year. This year’s Spring collection promises a variety of sorbet-inspired pastels in everything from blouses to dresses to skirts to pants and suiting.

Prints Galore
The runway shows for Spring 2018 were filled with bold florals, figure-flattering vertical stripes (think candy stripes) and an interesting mix of patterns that were paired perfectly together. The key is to have fun and use your imagination with this trend. Stick to a similar colour palette and you can’t go wrong.

Drawstring Designs
The practical design element commonly found on bags and jackets was placed as a decorative design feature on everything from tops to skirts.

Lilac As “Colour Of The Year”
Each season typically brings a new “it” colour. This Spring we are seeing a ton of purple. Lilac is a soft and subtle shade that is very easy on the eyes. So we’re not surprised that it took over the runways in many Spring collections.

Dressed Up Track Suits

The “athleleisure” trend is here to stay. This Spring we will see sportswear paired with more formal pieces. However, if this trend is too out there for you, you can always opt for a head-to-toe tracksuit or a pair of fun track pants dressed up with heels. The look is casual yet totally chic.

80s Shoulders
Think big shoulders. Everything from sweaters to jackets to tops are embellished with over the top shoulder designs for Spring. While this look may not be for everyone, it definitely reminds us of the 80s. Shoulder pads anyone?


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