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Let’s face it, the ability to hire a personal stylist or image consultant is a luxury that most of us cannot afford.

But if we told you that you could receive helpful fashion tips at the click of a mouse for a fraction of the cost? Stylists to a T is a husband/wife duo who recently jumped on the opportunity to provide online personal style advice to budget-conscious women.

Who is Stylist to a T?

Alex and Michael Toccin have over a decade of combined experience working with luxury clothing brands such as: Ralph Lauren, Theory, Oscar de la Renta and KAUFMANFRANCO.

At first they were known as “the best-dressed couple” at social events. This reputation garnered the attention of many friends and family who eventually hired them for personal style advice. Today, “Stylists to a T” is an online and in-person styling service dedicated to helping women look and feel their best.

The Services

The online personal stylist platform www.styliststoat.com provides advice on fashion styling and current trends, while also suggesting outfit ideas from a variety of clothing lines. To provide more value to their customers, they recently launched an exclusive subscription service that will benefit both clients and the clothing brands they promote.

With so much competition in the marketplace, retailers will now have a unique opportunity to establish a closer relationship with their customers through this unique partnership.

Clothing items (from select brands) will be promoted on all Stylists to a T’s social handles, newsletters and website. Also, featured products will be available through the swipe up feature on Instagram, which will lead clients to clothing retail sites such as: LiketoKnowIt and Shopstyle.

Personal style monthly subscriptions start at $750 and can be customized according to each individual client’s needs. For more information, be sure to visit:www.styliststoat.com

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