Do you want to lose weight, gain muscle or improve your overall health?


Get a customized fitness program to meet your individual needs. With three different program options, Laura will ensure you get the results you desire, while avoiding injuries and plateaus.  Before you begin, she will assess you based on your workout history, body type, current fitness level and diet to determine the ideal path for you.

The best part of all: You can work out where you want and when you want with motivation and help from a Certified Personal Trainer Specialist and professional figure competitor.

Custom Workout Programs:

  • Goal-specific
  • Flexible (tailored to your schedule)
  • Challenging and diverse
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  •  Based on body type

Diet plans/supplements:

  • Flexible meal plan
  • Customized to fit your lifestyle
  • Based on caloric needs, body type and goals

Ready to get started? What’s your goal?

Laura can help you find a suitable path based on your current fitness level.

Bikini-Ready (6-Week Program)


Do you want to look fabulous in your bikini or fit into your skinny jeans?  This program is ideal for those who want to tone up and/or eliminate stubborn body fat. By incorporating healthy eating strategies, nutritional supplements and regular exercise, you will achieve a flat tummy and overall muscle tone.

Buff Body  (12-Week Program)


Buff Body is designed for women who love lifting weights, but can’t seem to move past a plateau and/or have difficulty gaining muscle. Laura focuses on improving overall body composition and muscular symmetry through strength training, healthy eating and cardiovascular exercise. This intense training program will help you achieve a strong, sexy physique in no time!

Total Wellness (minimum 4 weeks)

Starting at $129

Laura’s wellness program was created for those who strive for balance in their life. You may be new to exercise, want to decrease your stress levels, improve your sleep or simply carry your own groceries. Through this program, we address your body’s basic health needs.

 All programs include bi-weekly consultations (via phone, skype or email), nutrition plans, workouts (at home or gym-based) and supplement recommendations.

Contact Laura today to get started!

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