In addition to working out and playing with makeup, I also really love to shop! In fact, I’ve always been very interested in fashion, even though it’s not something that comes naturally to me. Last year, my husband and I decided it was time to get some advice. So we hired a stylist to come into our home and assess our closet. This was money very well spent. The days of not having anything to wear were finally over as she had recreated new outfits with the clothing in our closets. This empowering experience influenced me to learn more. So I began taking courses to become an image consultant. Since then, I’ve learned that great style isn’t about the latest trends. It’s about finding the right styles, colours and fits for each individual. For fitness competitors, this can be especially challenging. During the competition season our physiques are at their peak. In the off-season, however, we tend to gain some body fat and a few curves. For me, this means a closet full of different sized clothing or slipping into my favorite black lululemon stretch pants!


When I first began competing, these fluctuations on the scale were scary and upsetting. But I’ve learned it’s not realistic to stay “show ready”. Instead, I embrace my body all year round by wearing clothes that flatter my figure. By dressing for your body type, you will feel more confident as you will be enhancing your best features. Through Dumbbells and High Heels, I will share tips on how to dress for your body type; how to incorporate some of the latest trends; and most importantly, how to feel your best every day.

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