Kate is a Toronto-based multi-passionate corporate professional and entrepreneur balancing both a role as co-founder of The 'Real' Confidence Project and a position as National Brand Lead at a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company. She brings 15+ years of diverse experience building leaders and driving change within the health and pharmaceutical industries both in Canada and internationally. Since 2017, she has been a passionate coach helping hundreds of ambitious professionals reach new heights in their career and life. Kate’s 10+ year personal journey to greater confidence has inspired her passion to give back through The ‘Real’ Confidence Project. Her hope is that the insights from her experience can help to accelerate others to greater confidence and fulfillment. She is a certified NLP and sleep science coach, mastermind facilitator, and author of “Make Your Splash: Taking Charge, Standing Out and Accelerating Your Career”. She has a Bachelor of Medical Science, Master of Public Health, Project Management Professional (PMP) designation and is a Board Certified NLP Coach.  

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